Ice Sculpture Philly 


Make an unforgettable statement at your next event with a completely custom ice sculpture. Our team of professional sculptors will create, carve and install ice sculptures of all sizes for weddings, parties, festivals and special events. From personalized statues to logo-inspired corporate centerpieces, our sculpted ice pieces will help to elevate any special moment.


More than just ice. 


At our studio, located at 840 North 40th Street in Philadelphia, Ice Sculpture Philly’s team of ice artists design and produce sculptures, ice bars, luges and more. Led by lead sculptor and owner Peter Slavin, our studio team has created concepts for ice sculptures and festivals throughout the world. Whether it’s a personalized monogram sculpture for a wedding, or a custom ice luge for a charity event, Ice Sculpture Philly can create a sparkling, dazzling piece of ice art for any occasion.  



Ice Sculptures 

completely customizable 

Our team of artists will work with you personally to create a personalized work of art out of crystal-clear ice for weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, anniversary parties, charity events, and more. 

ice cube1.jpg

Ice Luges & Ice Cubes

Celebrate in style

We can create custom ice luges for celebratory shots, and clear, artisan ice cubes and ice spheres to add something incredibly special to any cocktail or bar.  


Ice Festivals 

neighborhood events for all 

We've worked with neighborhoods and cities around the world to create one-of-a-kind ice festivals. From live ice carvings to streets lined with sculptures, our ice events are unforgettable for all. 

Ice Bars

a special touch guests will never forget

We can help to create a unique experience for you and your guests with a bar made completely of ice. Our meticulously-crafted ice bars are complete with a personalized message or corporate logo.